Thursday, November 1, 2007

burnin' like a fire in cairo.

more like burnin' through cairo like a fire [thanks anyways though, Robert].

yesterday I left the ship [yes, halloween day] and came to the city of Cairo.

Cairo/Giza ohmygosh.

This place is insane and expected and insane and crazy and insane and real.

To just write it in a few words so you know what i'm doing right now:::

At the moment I am in an internet cafe around the corner from my hotel in downtown cairo [and yes the balcony from my room on the seventeenth floor has a view of the nile river]. Today I woke up @ 4:15 to catch a view of the pyramids at sunrise. hasn't really even hit me yet.... we tooled around the pyramids 'til about 10ish and then went down the plateau to the Sphinx...pondered on it for a bit and then went on a lunch cruise down the Nile freakin' River. Really though, really? yes. me.

After that we went to the Alabaster Mosque and had an amazing panoramic view of city from its perimeter. Also, we saw the quarries where they had cut the limestone with which to build the pyramids. It is really far from the Giza plateau. Feats of manpower are so ridiculous and incredible.

after that [pause for breath] we went to the Egyptian Archaeological Museum. In a few words:::

Open since 1901
30,000 pieces total in the museum
the only replica in the entire museum is a copy of the rosetta tablet in which they learned how to translate and read egyptian hieroglyphs

So finally we returned to the hotel for some breathing time and then we ate a nice little buffet. afterwards we tried to get to an internet cafe...the line was long so...we decided to cut some time and smoke a hookah in EGYPT! After that I came back to the cafe and now i'm here!

time to go because I have to catch a flight to Luxor in a few hours... hope you enjoyed the quick briefing. love to all and take care.