Friday, March 20, 2009

its fresh and hot, fresh and hot.

it seems that music is really i've been into blogging about consistently [or inconsistently considering how long its been...sorry] lately.

perhaps that's because i've been trying to save money and one way of doing that for yours truly is not to shop or browse online for clothing or shoes whatsoever. however, that fact should not take away from the musings and good fun that music has been providing lately.

with an upcoming trip to NYC scheduled,
i think its high time that i shared some thoughts on one of my favorite new listens
just so happens to be coming out of New York.

fortunately, i can say that this dj actually happens to be one of my closest friends. in good ol' college days, i really got to know this fellow and have luckily been able to watch and hear him develop and produce music that really projects his interesting and well-educated tastes. as i feel he has great talent but has even more time to grow creatively the praise will end there.

a few weeks ago
he sent me a mix he had been working on and asked me my thoughts. since that time it has been the most played thirty minutes of music (ahead of the new gui boratto album...ahhh) on my hard drive by not only me, but the boy, and other various friend visits.

given that i am clearly really feeling this mix of tunes, i have decided to share the thoughts i expressed to dear friend as well as the mix itself.

one main defining factor to me with dj mixes is that they either tend to consist of brilliantly "curated" but succinct bits of songs and samples that are well mixed and seem a sort of showcase of the dj's overall skills. on the other hand, there are the other types of mixes that lend themselves more towards the live style of djing that -let's be honest- compels attendees/listeners to dance [does that not seem to be my favorite word?] as would be done in the live setting.

with alex's mix i got that entire "showcase"/meant to listen at home vibe because of the amount of different sounds he seemed to shuffle breathlessly through in thirty minutes. trying not to think of dear friend, on my initial listen the thumping "four on the floor" dance-causing beats are what this particular dj is quite good at incorporating. this one sure knows how to mix it up.

as i mean, this mix is all over the board spanning multiple old, beloved and interesting, less listened to tracks. with a bit of gui boratto and kevin saunderson alongside young swede wunderkind petter i enjoyed the span that is contained. it stays on a somewhat safe side as far as song choices goes without getting stale -and is indeed very fun to listen to in any number of nighttime scenarios in which one could possibly be found.

right, signing out now because i've talked your ears off enough. just give yourself a listen here:::

enjoy. this weekend will consist of me attending a gui boratto/ellen allien/thomas mayer show amongst other birthday celebrations...more show blogging, yes.

tune in here:::