Tuesday, January 29, 2008

appeal to the mass.es.

wow do i have a lot to catch up on!

i don't really know where to begin...

i've got some fantastic new ideas/old ideas that i've been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to for this little blog of mine. primarily i'm quite interested in trying to pull it together and really make something out of posting for all of you that i know already read this piece of internet [family/friends] and perhaps a few others out of sheer interest?

some of the ideas that i've been dreaming up include:::

-logging away some of the LONG PROMISED photos from my amazing circumnavigation experience
-beginning that street fashion project that i hint to in my blog description* [to be expounded on]
-suggesting more BOOKS/MOVIES!
-shuffling/filing away my interesting memories [in all facets/forms] that i want to keep
-announcements/stumblings that i deem absolute necessities for you people who like reading away into my inner and highly ridiculous psyche.


a long list of goals that i really think will help keep me motivated and on track for this semester. though it is my last [true] semester at BU it is not as easy as it sounds. i feel as if i am already taking up the habits of a much older person as i am waking up much earlier than my peers [for a 9am class, three days a week!] and thus am bedding myself much earlier as well. i have mostly introductory classes but one toughytoughy anthro senior seminar class:::

-Medical Anthropology [an210]
-Introduction to Biological Anthropology [an102]
-First-Semester German [lg111]
-Ethnographic Theory and Field Methods [an462]

an interesting semester to say the least. as of yet i am quite enjoying my classes but they are truly showing to have quite a bit of work. no complaints here though as i am quite excited to be back in Boston and shoving my nose to the books. the library has already seen my face for a good number of hours this semester and we've only been in class for two weeks. fancy that!

very many instances occur in small expanses of time and then all of a sudden that realization comes to you and you feel like taking a long hard "etic" gaze at it to see if what's going on is following a logical/necessary/crazy/fantastic chain or if you are just imagining the events that occur to you. i am feeling this weight right now -some of my fellow darlings have referred to it as a "quarter-life crisis" and as much as i adore that expression i don't know if i myself can subscribe to its full force of meaning. in essence there are lots of thoughts/decisions/plans that must be discussed internally in this very crucial time in my life. i've recently thought about a very logical and excellent line of further study for myself in the near future and have been applying as many connections and research suggestions as possible towards this grad school possibility. as i [and so many others i am close to] find myself to always be so fascinated and stimulated by many visual modes of representation i've put quite a bit of thought into how this can be applied or how i can apply myself to this idea in the future. so, i've done a bit of discussing with my dear friend, Austin, who is studying at a graduate school in Manchester, UK and have found an answer to some of my questions:::

visual anthropology*

that star absolutely coincides with the aforementioned idea of delightfulness and interest in street fashion because i think that it is a really interesting mode of expression not only in displaying how current trends occur but also whether or not these fashion styles/choices/ideas/musings happen to have [and yeah, they definitely do!] any impact on the future of the fashion world or even the future of certain fashion lines. enough said for now...if you have any questions about that idea feel free to ask me or make a comment....

at the moment i am a bit cold. boston is frigid. however, before i sign out for the night i will surely show you a few pictures of delightfulness to indulge in. also...for anyone who wants a quick/interesting/hard-to-put-down/somewhat riddle of a novel try:::

The Eye, by Vladimir Nabokov [only the coolest man ever to exist, a serious role model in all aspects of life]

enjoy some pictures!

an altar to three very important monks at Wat Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand

the head of the enormous reclining buddha at Wat Pho [Wat Phra Chetupon], Bangkok, Thailand

a night on the streets in the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

a view from the bell tower [the famous La Giralda, once a minaret for an Islamic mosque then transformed into the Christian bell tower] of Sevilla Cathedral, Sevilla, Spain

the entrance courtyard with Sevillan orange trees [a famous type] at Sevilla Cathedral, Sevilla, Spain

disclaimer::: some of these pictures were taken by a few friends and i thank them in advance for the sharing because they completely describe these places and views for me.