Thursday, June 24, 2010

new and much improved.

after the year-long hiatus of the experiencing the ex-pat life in the antipodes, the blog will soon continue.  the much-desired visual update to the blog is here and so the words may flow.

seeing as the internet situation left much to be desired, i place importance on trying to stay as unplugged as possible while in australia.  though this exercise allowed my mind to expand in many ways and for the long hours needed to take advantage of the beautiful west australian weather and landscapes, it also hindered my creative forays.  everyone enjoys the alone time that they receive in bouts of "outdoorsiness," but then too, they enjoy the creativity of being able to practice and relish the individual tasks and meanderings that make up a person's avocations -that which one does for sheer pleasure.

writing escaped me in the antipodes amongst other things.  i have come to reclaim my still fervent delectation with punching keys and vocalizing thoughts.

here's to a return to inward individualism.