Saturday, October 4, 2008

a shameless (quick) plug.

hi all of you out there in the land yonder:::

this is really just a quick post plugging the event that is being held in Boston's South End tomorrow at the SOWA Open Market.

its called Baked Fresh and it looks fantastic for a fun sunday adventure extraordinaire! via Morgan of MAP Boston, i was cordially invited to this delightfully grandiose gathering and i really hope it goes off well because has so much potential for fun events like this but never really expresses each burgeoning new fun thing to ALL of the neighborhoods worth telling.

i sadly won't be able to attend due to my amazingly lovely little job at Mint Julep...however...

i would really appreciate some reports back from anyone about how the gig goes off and what kinds of wonderful things were to be seen at the Baked Fresh @ SOWA Open Market event!

For all those who don't feel like clicking on the link and just want to know where it is::: the sowa open market takes place at

540 Harrison Avenue
Boston MA
in the South End

the event will be going from 10-5...

HAVE FUN!!!! let me know how it goes!