Thursday, May 15, 2008

mint juleps taste nice.

well really. cute.
i went in to work yesterday to pick up a few presents and i realized how much i love my job at Mint Julep.

its so great to completely adore the place that you are employed and the coworkers that you know you 'll every time you are at work. i mean...really. i wanted to point a look towards the blog that one of my coworkers writes for the store because of three things:::

1) its adorable and pink
2) it might give you ideas for wardrobe refreshers (always key, especially when you're in a funk with clothes or have no outlet for new expression)
3) its my job!

i would also like to give my first mention to the only boston street fashion blog worth mentioning:

beyond boston chic
because she has a tasteful eye and doesn't just look for fashion-spiration at dance nights and the vegan restaurant down the street. also as i was doing the daily internet browsin' i was delightfully surprised to see a picture of my coworker and a shout-out to Mint Julep as her post for today! thanks gal!

cheers y'all, enjoy the weekend.
i know i will.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sweet sweet obsession.

well yes.

graduation is imminent (sunday!). but my mind is elsewhere. i find myself obsessively checking the exit festival website for updates and these excursions definitely do not disappoint. with each new click, i become increasingly titillated and excited...

i mean let's face it. when i saw the initial lineup a few months ago i was super-stoked on Claude Vonstroke, 2 Many DJs, Gogol Bordello, Sven Vath, M.I.A., and Primal Scream (really?!)

but then...
the obsession began:::
i am going to see Booka Shade?! Soulwax? Laurent Garnier?! Tiga?!! Kruder & Dorfmeister?!

and then it hit me for real...there was no turning back, the obsession had taken over:::
i would be dancing to Audion! to Roni Size, and now the latest tinge of sweetness for me to dream of for this summer, Noisia!

yes, yes, yes, yes. the obsession has surely consumed me and the exit festival website has totally delivered. but, i'm open to letting this excitement infect me up until 10 july when i will be at this excellent summer festival. oh yes, i'm fine with that. keep it coming wonderful festival organizors.