Thursday, September 25, 2008


yes the woman is a wonderful enigma to us all.

being a woman (one of the only times i will refer to myself as one...i'm still stuck in the mindset of being a person, a girl, an individual...a woman is what my mother and grandmother are) i still find it a task to explore the workings of a female mind. Not to discredit the opposite sex and not to say that we are SO very, but there are differences between the two.

however, though that plays such a major and minor role in many peoples lives i find that this work of fiction is something that can truly please the masses.


i have not even reached the halfway mark in this novel and have already so many questions and so much interest in the outcome of the prose. if this could be any hint of how rich the writer, a famous Australian writer: Miles Franklin, expresses herself let it be so:

"I was discontented and restless, and longed unendurably to be out in the stream of life. 'Action! Action! Give me action!' was my cry. My mother did her best with me according to her lights. She energetically preached at me. All the old saws and homilies were brought into requisition, but without avail. It was like using common nostrums on a disease which could be treated by none but a special physician."

do yourself a favor...try this book when you get the next hankering for a more than amazing female author who could definitely have taught her peers a few lessons.