Friday, February 6, 2009

V&R collab update with Samsonite.

BBB Winter 09 | Viktor & Rolf for Samsonite Black Label

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i have found you.

amidst much searching and scouring of the pages on this nice inter-space i finally found a perfect bag:::

the samsonite black label waifer tote.

after receiving a new computer in august -because the old faithful of four years finally went kaputt [a cup of tea might have been involved]- i have been very patient in delving to find the "perfect" laptop bag. in my life to this point, i have not really been a handbag/bag sort of person. i can understand the appeal of them, but it is a rarity to find a bag that is simple and quirky enough to be considered for hanging use on my arms. when there isn't a "too much hardware" problem, its a shape issue and when it isn't either of those, the bags i find seem to be just too simple and boring for my style.

alas, through my scouring of yoox -so positively sure i was going to find the perfect bag for the perfect price- it suddenly came to me! i remembered a press release from late 2007/early 2008 announcing a new collaboration for samsonite black label: viktor & rolf. being very visually pleased with the skeletal and exo-skeletal creations of the alexander mcqueen/samsonite black label collab i thought i would mosey on over to the sbl website for a closer look at the lines. though the v&r line hasn't been released yet ([ from the pictures i've seen it doesn't look as though they'll be including and tote/laptop bags in the line], i was somewhat impressed with the bags. who knew that such a "tough" suitcase and briefcase company which gained popularity in the '70's could have such interesting taste in their black label which targets:::

"unit[ing] luxury materials, superior workmanship and unique designs to appeal to the dynamic lifestyle needs of the most sophisticated consumers around the world" [from samsonite corporate brand portfolio]

it is a shame that now that i've finally found the bag it happens to be out of stock at the moment...ah fate!

however, after a bit of calling to samsonite i have found that it will come back in stock. bad news: i have to stalk the bag online until it becomes available because the person i spoke with could not tell me when the restock would occur.

glee! i've finally found a bag for toting my computer around that i really find classic and interesting.

not so gleeful! i have to stalk the samsonite black label website in hopes that it is restocked soon.

ah well, if it were easy the search would not be so fruitful...