Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Day…

Do I Get To Make It All Up?


What does it even mean? Does this day even exist for us? [my old natural science professors would cry blaspheme at me for suggesting such a thing (!) since we all know that every four years a day is added to the shortest month of the year to account for the fact that our days are not EXACTLY 24 hours and our years are not EXACTLY 365 days.] However, if you’ll recall from my early September musings when crossing the International Date Line such thoughts and questions are important and influential, oui?

so, my simple question is
since this day doesn’t really exist [I mean honestly, except for those “leaplings” out there and Cheb Khaled only the greatest raï musician ever (!) (Aïcha, Aïcha)] does it make up for all those missed hours we’ve had in our lives? Surely there was a time when at the end of the day you looked back and realized that you can act differently and accomplish quicker, better, faster, smarter* [cue Daft Punk] all the plans you make, all the bus rides you take, all the instances you could placate [so sorry, the rhyming was too fun and so “academic”-sounding no?]

Carpe Diem, perhaps.

The way it comes to me, this day is a gift where our simple, plain, fantastic, trying lives get a chance to USE time and not let it flee from us. With this thought spilling from me, I decided to update my blog since I’m REALLY bad with it and there’s really no excuse. Pictures to come this weekend as well as my loves for the beginning of March [M

Get off of this thing and go take this TIME under your helm
manoeuvre it as you will and let me know how it goes on this day that does not exist.