Friday, June 13, 2008

drumrolllll please.

ah yes...i can almost smell it (10 more days away)

i will shortly be heading out for my 3.5 week long adventure.

however, before i go i would like to announce my travel plans so that i can get any and all wisdom that anyone would like to share with me.

i will actually be going to visit family in Frankfurt, Germany on 23rd June for a few weeks with my mother. we will also make our way to Berlin and München meeting friends and cohorts along the way from the looks of it.

after Germany i will be freighting myself via the superbly better set up (than the US that is) European Railway System through Germany, Austria, and Hungary to Serbia and Montenegro to attend the music festival of which I have spoken of several times before...

and then:::
a quick jaunt over to Zagreb, Croatia to jet over to LONDON for a few days before returning back to the summer heat in Boston on 18 July.

this will definitely be an interesting adventure with very good friends and most likely some new ones to be made along the way. however, i would love to hear of ANY and ALL suggestions about "musts" for my travel itinerary

food to eat...shops to visit...walks to take...activities to to see (espesh on/around my birthday in Frankfurt -4 July)...clubs to visit...restaurants not to be missed...vintage stores to wade through...random events that visitors wouldnt know about...

ill take any and all suggestions with a very large smile...AND...a warmly warmly put 'thank you.'

til then...hope to hear from you!