Monday, August 27, 2007

a bientot.

this is me signing out from the us. i'm leaving tomorrow morning @ 9am pacific. i will have my phone on tomorrow morning, but i will be turning it off by noon pacific time. i will miss so many many people and i am so so so so sorry to have not had enough time to call each and every one of you (or see you before i LEAVE!).

i would really like it if you would czech this business every once and a while so you know what i'm doing and also let me know how everything is occurring where i am not! please let everyone i would want to know about this blog know so they can catch up/contact me as well.

you should all have my email addresses by now...but if you don't then post on here and let me know and i will get in touch somehow.

i miss you already and i hope you all take care of yourselves. lovely ipiz.

and here's this info if you want it.

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Bigstras said...

hope you got your shiny new(ish) ipod. sounds like SHIP life is a lot of fun! (though maybe a bit retarded)
I'm off to film club, last week we watched Swimming Pool, and tonight we're watching 2046.

Enjoy Japan