Thursday, September 20, 2007

it smells like Chinatown.

China is gross. dirty. wet. rainy.

i am really looking forward to Hong Kong. Qingdao has been quite unpleasant. i have to say that Japan rocks China's face off.

i basically just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that i will be posting a big long one on my exploits in Tokyo as soon as it gets finished. i have two days of freedom in between Qingdao and Hong Kong.

meanwhile....apparently sailing into Hong Kong is one of the highlights of this entire trip and a true life experience --i am going to thoroughly enjoy that.

i miss know who you are. thanks for the contact mum dad and alex.

i love this experience so much. i'll write a really long one soon.

have a lovely weekend. its 7:18pm on September 20th btw. case you were wondering typhoons are just like hurricanes -now that i've lived through both.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darling, Too bad you did not get on the trip to Beijing. That might have been a little different image. Though seeing what you saw is probably a better picture of the majority of the country. On your next post would you please send us a note of which field trips you have gained access to so that we may follow that as well? Thanks much. Mom

brianners said...

arg i miss you. i miss you so much so it is giving me chronic heartburn. i hope you are happy you stomach-wrecking ship!!!! blast you!

p.s.- "foul" is the hottest catch-phrase at simmons college proper- shwabam thank you!

p.p.s.- i really do have chronic heartburn. it sucks. come home soon.