Wednesday, September 5, 2007


hey all:::

just wanted to let you know i have a post in the werks for posting tomorrow night. i apologize for not having gotten pictures up...the internet connection here is REALLY slow. i plan on getting some stuff up in Japan while i'm there.

also--- please please please! give me any suggestions or desires for things you think i should do/see/participate/get while i'm in Japan...i'm planning my trip there right now!

a few shout outs really quickly as well.

daddy--i would love for you to try and contact your customer in tokyo...i'll be there the 12th-16th with a few people and will be meeting my friend Andrew Kane there for some tour guiding action.

bri-- 20597-003-39. ps i miss you.


i ENCOURAGE you to contact me so i can get in touch with you!

new post coming your way soon.

signing out.

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Anonymous said...

i really liked kyoto. the smaller towns are way chill too, like nara.. which used to be the japanese capital before they moved it to kyoto and later to tokyo. nara has dope deers as well.

i'll write you that email soon. i too have shitty internet at the moment however. its called free brookline wireless. i'm workin on it.

<333 bisous,