Monday, October 15, 2007

halfway 'round.

INDIA…we’re here…still waiting to get off the ship but we’re here my friends. If you have any suggestions of where to go let me know. The trips I’m doing here are:::

Monday, 15 October-- American Consulate Visit wish SaS 1330-1600, meet up with friend, Kassia, from Boston University who is studying in Madurai for a year.

Tuesday, 16 October- Wednesday, 17 October-- find good vegetarian food, observe Chennai, watch a Tamil Bollywood movie, observe the Navarathiri holiday celebrations.

Thursday, 18 October-- Take a bus with friend, Paige, to Pondicherry [a part of the former French Union] for a night’s stay at the Park Guest House Ashram [which touts itself as not allowing liquor, cigarettes, or non-vegetarians and comes highly recommended for only 300 INR or 500 INR (a/c) a night] and tooling around the smaller, reportedly beautiful beach town of Pondicherry that is said to have excellent excellent food as well.

Friday, 19 October-- return from Pondicherry, Socioeconomic Problems in Chennai trip with SaS 1200-1800, eat my last true Indian feast, return to the ship and cry.

If you have any requests of goods or suggestions of where to go in India please please please let me know. I hope all of you have enjoyed my post on Japan and take care of yourselves.

signing out fully clothed for conservative south India.

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Anonymous said...

What are you doing that is on the field trip list? If you know how, contact Wade Harrison. He and Sasha are supposed to be there somewhere right now. Much Love, Much missing you, Mom