Saturday, October 27, 2007

red sea transit.

short post::::

I am currently in passage in the Red Sea.

I saw an active volcano that was spewing and smoking. I will give five cool points to the first person that can tell me the name of said volcano because I would really like to know.

i am having a fantastic time and for all who want to know what i'm doing in egypt feel free to look on the semester at sea trips page for the Cairo/Luxor 03 trip.


Colossi at Memnon
tombs of tut-ankh-amun and hatshepsut [BRI!]
silk bazaar/spice market

take care...enjoy your halloweenz!


Anonymous said...

Jabal al-Tair this is the name of the tiny island where the volcano is active in the Red Sea. The volcano itself does not have a name. Island is owned by Yemen. I already have cool points just for being your Mom but you can give them to me anyway. Thanks for the cool post. I am going to check the field trip description right now. Love, Mom

Linda Strasburger said...

hey I left a comment and it did not post. Did you see it