Saturday, May 10, 2008

posi? negatory?

so this is coming out of the depths of the weekend gone by...

in the past seven days, the roommate and i were lounging around, procrastinating for our final papers and finals studying. i had been thinking about various words and how much potential many had to be used in completely different contexts. i decided to share one of my most quizzical with her to see what she thought. i did so to great success and then...we realized, this newfangled verb could very well have a different meaning or context to others.

so. without further ado, the roomie and i pose this question to you:::
what would the context of the verb 'chernobyl' be? posi? negative? please provide examples.

here are two with each context in mind to give you an idea:::

ex., Man, I really chernobyl'd that exam, i don't know how i'm going to raise my GPA after that one.
(here it serves a similar function as the colloquial notion of the verb 'to bomb' and therefore it plays a negative role)

ex.2, Wow man, you definitely chernobyl'd that transition into this song! Everyone is rocking out so hard.
(here the word serves to communicate the colloquial notion of 'to kill' and therefore it shows the positive form the verb could take)

OKAY. so, now you know and i would love see what you think on this matter. leave comments, anything! survey time.

enjoy the rest of the weekend. i have but one more exam left (monday morn), so free time is fast approaching!

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