Wednesday, February 11, 2009


just before the recent -interesting but over my inexperienced head- Resident Advisor article "machine love: john tejada" was released, i squealed and immediately pressed the purchase button at the good life website.

john tejada coming to boston on the heels of a set at london's legendary fabric club to celebrate the latest release on fabric records, his Fabric 44 mix?

yes, please. how very fortunate.

tejada is an impressive dj and musician whose melodies and beats are complex and simple and seemingly constructed with thought, effort, and personal choice. most of his tunes seem crafted rather than simply pumped out to cause people to "move for them".....

Move For Me - Kaskade & deadmau5

saturday night was a perfect night for a good set and enjoyment out of all attending. having no sunday shift at work, i knew i could dance as hard as possible and get sleep enough to make up for it the next day. so, the hope was that the set + crowd would not disappoint either. *a warning to anyone who has yet to attend an electronic music event in boston:::

the crowds are not so overly interested in the enjoyment of the dj and the having fun while hearing great music and sometimes talk throughout a set, don't dance, and even block the speakers.

luckily, last saturday was not an example of this type of experience and the hopes of the night were perfectly granted. randy deshaies and sergio santos, the latter being an integral part of the midweek techno night [a fun time in its own right], really warmed up the decks for tejada who calmly and collectedly took the set from blasting to stellar in a few short loops and flicks of the wrist.

the set proceeded to get awkward for a moment when tejada was prolonging a trebly, very simple beat with little beat and the crowd seemed ready for something heavy to drop. other than that the one difference between dancing crowd and performer...the night was a pleasant success for all. the only complaint being the one that stands for interesting fun times had while going out in boston::: the ever-present 2am curfew.

furthermore, the venue -to which i have never ventured- was marvelous. the good life was an interestingly constructed space. its downstairs lounge [where the beats happen] is a small space with a bar running the length of the room down one wall and cavernous booth spaces along the other wall. with no coat check, i was a bit unnerved at first, but after finding a stash spot for our outerwear, my companions and i felt fine about where we had left our exoskeletons against the cold.

and for the two best things about the lounge: there were fans at the front of the room for sweaty dancing masses [to which subset of attendees at shows i absolutely always belong, no excuses] and NO LINES in the bathrooms. really, john tejada, whether you picked the good life or they sought you for saturday was a wonderful decision. that show is easily one of the best in enjoyment and most importantly musically, that i have attended since perhaps booka shade this summer.

heavy sigh and high hopes for the midweek techno on february 25th::: tiefschwarz the legendary electro pop/house fraternal duo from berlin.

til then.

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