Thursday, July 19, 2007


It has officially happened...

for all of you out there that I happened to not have spoken with since

the SEVENTH day of the SEVENTH month of the SEVENTH year of this century/millenium

i have been hit!

i was riding to work on my beloved Black Bike [CSS/Vilanova style] and a woman neglected to halt at the stop sign at the intersection of Hereford and Marlborough. She t-boned me on my ride and i ended up doing a flip over my handlebars onto the hood of her car and then subsequently the pavement of said intersection.

sources say i immediately jumped up and uttered the [now infamous] words:

"really though?! really?!"

having no choice -i launched into the woman with a volley of derisions, rhetorical questions, and foul-smelling langage. Needless to say i was shocked enough to forget to get the woman's digits. Luckily enough, a kind girl named Lisa witnessed the entire affair and prompted us to exchange digits. We did so and then i blindly stared at her license plate as she got back into her auto and drove away...

i picked up Black Bike, threw him on my shoulder and hiked the remaining 7 blocks to werk [camper-style]. i realised i couldn't really focus on much while doing the opening tasks for the i called my uncle. He came in, talked to me for a bit and then got me in a cab [crazy crazy driver and all] speeding towards the er of beth israel deaconess. the cabby dropped me off on the "east campus" and i ended up having to walk 2.5 blocks to the "west campus" where the er was located. Joe and i walked in to the er and then after a few lookovers i was sent to "trauma" due to the fact that driver collided with Black Bike averaging a solid 25-30 miles per hour.

about 4-5 hours later...

Margot Lane is released a constricted/neck-strained/sore/shoulder-messed okay woman to the world.

i have a lovely family. My aunt picked me up/woke me up at the hospital and took care of me for the rest of the evening. i can't thank the two of them enough for dropping everything to make sure their recently 21-year-old niece was in the best of possible conditions.

furthermore brianne morin is a dollface. sugarpie came down all the way from the north north north north north of the great state of maine [of which i have yet to visit, might i add] to make sure i was not dead/to take care of me for the days following the acte si dense.

not to go unmentioned: adorable masha [insert her last name that i know]. the dear immediately sent me a key to her locked up/unused for the summer ride until i get Black Bike into better spirits. she is a doll and i am really enjoying her ride as well. [ps i paid tribute to you with a paris vegetarian add cheddar last nite]

enjoy a picture of the lovely masha modelling the old dear boy:

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