Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Lesson Learned in Time:

I have expensive taste.

Chloe, A/W 2007 Prada, S/S 2007

Maison Martin Margiela, S/S 2007 Prada, S/S 2007

For some reason, I have the ability to be attracted to the most expensive things possible in any store, on any website, or flipping through any magazine. I've realized now that that's very nice. But...a travesty. Things I want I can't have. I guess this is good because it really has made me focus on trying to make this situation work to my benefit (although I still salivate over Chloe A/W and Prada S/S 2007 -it can't be helped!). I'll see something and then try to be inspired to the best of meager means/abilities/

This thought only comes about because I have been thinking about my twenty-first birthday which is coming up in a month or so. As always I romanticize everything and have distinctly decided that I shall have a pretty frock to don for the occasion. I've been shopping around online and I should probably go into a few stores but already I've realized that this endeavor is going to be tougher than just finding a dress nice and easily. It is TOUGH. I've settled on a few but i'd love some advice. Let me know which ones you like...

leave comments or email me please. I'd love to know what you think.


Liberty said...

I think the last dress (yellow) would look incredible on you. My second choice for you is the first dress (green). Definitely go for color!

Linda said...

I think the dress you just bought in Charleston is perfect. I can't wait to take your picture so that you can post it.