Monday, April 28, 2008

Reality? check!

or atleast on the coming horizon.

yes, that’s right. its time for 16 years of continuous schooling to take a brief pause as i graduate in exactly 20 days. i am not trying to be nostalgic [yet], nor am i soliciting any feelings for pity, joy, jealousy, or various other emotionally unneeded conclusions. it is simply a statement that generally due to the, well –meaning-, of the notion of graduation insinuates that a moving on to other, somewhat better, options and –dare i say, futures- likely follows the event.

for many a graduating senior, this glorious day means REAL JOBS, TRAVEL, INTERNING, MOVING, NON-PROFIT WORK, VOLUNTEERING, GRAD SCHOOL and much, much more!

so. i, yet again, find myself contemplating what i [me too!] should be fretting about come 18 May. what shall it be ladies and gents? well, actually let’s be honest, i have to stick around the Boston area because i was tempted by wayward travels, far-off places, and new delights. in other words, a requirement for my concentration of study must be fulfilled in order for me to receive my diploma [huzzah class of january 2009!].

but really [and isn’t that what the focus of my title suggests?], should i not spice up the rest of my time here? no, surely I should. therefore [sound your::: drumroll, triumphant/regal horn flourish, short techno interlude, or any other what-have-yous], come 19 May, i resolve to get down to blogging and sewing business. yes, all those shirts, skirts, posts, dresses, recommendations, and nonsense i’ve promised is forthwith coming to a computer screen near you. this is a horizon that is very near, folks. very very near.

and wellwellwell, what have we here?

a little smidge of goodness to remind us all that the world can simply be there to make us laugh at times. this specific matter came to me yesterday evening after huffing and puffing my way via bike ride [over the cambridge avenue bridge, blechhh#@%!] to the last buffet at grasshopper with the “family” of friends. my little masha was waiting for me there and expounded on the matter at hand. after viewing for myself, i realized that i must immediately bring it to the attention of the people who might perhaps stop by to check this blog on occasion, or even you[!] a random passerby. so without further ado, i shall unveil the wonder and amazement. this is an ad that is found on page 49 of the latest Weekly Dig, a free-of-charge weekly publication found in those ever-present metal drop-boxes around the Boston area. the issue this week centers on the event/ideas of ROFLCON, which is quite a kitschy notion to present in print media form [good vocab to know for a richer understanding:::meme]. now honestly, i really don’t much care for the style writer that they have on staff, as i think more than anything that she is just some lucky girl who studied some sort of communications and happened to need a job when the Dig needed a style writer. in other words, i don’t like everything/one that is spouted, discussed, and raised in the publication. yet, if there is one matter that totally and completely makes me okay with the Dig for the rest of our lovely [but perhaps shortlived] days together it is this, lo and behold my dears:::

yes. in reality. this bad boy exists. look it up if you believe me not.


signing out with a shrug, shudder, and sigh to face the rain. on the bike.

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