Tuesday, April 29, 2008


‘tis the time of year when the kids get tired of it.

we are SICK of it!

it’s the time when we’ve just recently been able to peel off our metallic legwear and dark denims, kick off our trompsing boots and woolen socks, slide into our cotton blend shifts and short-sleeves, and use our sunglasses to actually protect us from UV rays rather than just because the dull glare of the “sun” peeks out from the hill we happen to be trudging over. yes, there are blooms again, we hear birds again, and we see smiling again.

the winter seems to be gone.

and then…it happens again. the april teasing leads to rainrainrainrainrainrain and more chills. we forget about the spring except for the scents wafting through the humidity and showers, the more delicate clothes we long to be wearing, and the promises of mint juleps, long island iced teas, and sangria we just know we’ll be enjoying on our balconies and porches at weekend dusks…

so to muse on things that are my own brand of this patient desire for the brief Boston spring leading to the delightful summer of the city i would love to share with you a secret that isn’t so surprising:::

i have fallen in love

with these:::

the shapes, oh the shapes. karen walker really had nice thoughts in her head for these sunnies. they are exaggerated, but classic enough that one can wear them as a statement. however, the statement doesn’t necessarily have to be a pronounced one. they can either be worn as the statement or as the back-up coordinate. what joy. as a sidenote, the campaign for this eyewear is quite effectively packaged as well...alas, a poor sucker i am for crisp photos and pretty smiles.though, i’m quite taken with most all of the shapes and i really take special interest in the fluoro green rectangular frames. if only i could actually justify spending money until july 6th [wink wink, m’dear]. but no, alas…there’s a good reason why i’ll be remaining positively gaga over these without satiation as I dream of the spring and the summer and the delights and activities and people to come…

signing out to discuss a dj set for tomorrow night, to study “the continuing impact of infectious disease,” and to keep trudging til the sun remains a fixed presence in my days… enjoy yours.

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Zombie Yuppie said...

I didn't at first realize that the models are crying! Very cool.