Sunday, June 22, 2008

Slip Sliding Away.

ticking down the hours

my stomach is getting very queasy or that could just be the enormous list of to-do's that i have yet to


i've been thinking lots about how others prepare themselves for a long/short journeys and have come up with oodles of questions on the matter.

1. is three and a half weeks a journey, excursion, adventure, or trip?
2. how and what does one pack for visiting with family in germany, going to an nighttime electronic music festival in serbia, and roaming around london in one piece of luggage?
3. what music should a corruptly old dinosaur of an ipod contain that i won't get sick of?
4. can one plan for everything in one piece of luggage? should one try to?

...the list really goes on, but alas my stomach is actually just rumbling from food this time. off to get a delicious brie and apple cinnamon crepe one last time before i go!

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