Sunday, August 24, 2008

time again.

hello hello hello.

is anyone still out there? i apologize for vanishing. i have finally come back from the depths of my room and various amounts of various belongings, searches for a new apartment (found a GORGEOUS one) in a new part of town and jobs for the boy.

ahh, yes...the boyfriend has finally arrived up here from the land down under and we are having a fabulous time cooking away together. that's a little bit of newness too!

so many new things are happening to me that it seems rather than my life slowing down a bit after graduating a few months ago, most of what i see-do-touch -explore -am obligated to-want-ponder-share-discuss are in full on fast forward. its difficult to get down to business and know where i am heading at times. however, now with the new apartment settled and the move under way it has become a much more manageable new rapidity.

much more time on my hands for this wee tiny blog which will be excellent. however, for now i must return to my spicy garlic stuffed purple potatoes and a cute boyfriend who happens to be pan-searing some salmon!

for anyone who is interested, this is a really interesting article that skirts the impact of globalization on retail/shopping/fashion and, in turn, lifestyle trends.

also as a side note before i go...the Luciano Fabric (41) is phenomenal and i would MOST recommend listening to this insurmountable compile of luciano mastermind when you want to feel motivated and have a good time.

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Boston Betty said...

still here :) Love the link to the article about the death of trends.