Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ro d'art


an artificial language for international use that rejects all existing words and is based instead on an abstract analysis of ideas

my my my. there are oh-so-many shows i would like to and will be commenting on/dreaming about/ wondering after/ longing to get to know more for the New York Fashion Week...

however, i couldn't rip myself from the monitor or keyboard of this computer and therefore had to get my opinions down about this show. Rodarte has completely floored me with their S/S 2009 collection. In a few choice words:::

flowy, dyed, organic (i know, i know but it so fits), pieced, layering, PLEATS, structurally/unstructured, colors, neutrals, shiny black.
oh...and one more word::: CHAINS.

full stop.

let me now proffer an abstract analysis of rodarte ideas and hope that sense can be made, or at least appreciated...

i really admired this collection for the synthesis and flow of the show. the colors and garments flowed flawlessly from one into the next. so, that with an effortless blink of the eye you see wonderfully thought out layers of light pleated skirts with piece-y bandage tops and elegantly shredded layering singlets that meld into intricately goddess-like short dresses (a style of which i will never tire) which all of sudden give their layering ideals over for organic and well thought-out knits. this knitwear is so beautiful that layering is all that one wants to do with each piece. by the end of the set of pictures for this show my mouth was positively watering for the black cut-off gloves (a known obsession of mine) and the black leather skirt that had a wonderfully feminine pleated touch that takes the edge off of the idea of a "black leather skirt" while forcing it to be much more interesting and eye-catching than the standard mini. not only was i frothing for those simplicities, but also for the unattainable flowy dresses that walked for the close of the collection.


as for accessories/makeup. i loved the hint of orange on the eyes to keep the common thread of landscaping between the garments and the models. the diamond patterned laser cut leggings that are worn throughout the show are a legwear choice that i would hope to be able to make a staple in the coming months as a combination of tights and other sock assortments could make wonderfully lighthearted combinations. one more note regarding the chain-accented heels (which ran a nice backup to the chain-accented dresses and sweaters): a marvelous idea that i may be trying to imitate by spicing up some old heels...

personally, Laird Borrelli-Persson seemed a bit too busy name-dropping whilst writing her review of this show to remember that not all clothes must be worn by all people. harsh with the review of Rodarte, she mentions that "'Beautiful androids' (as the models were referred to backstage) make for great editorial, but flesh-and-blood women like Natalie Portman, Sarah Sophie Flicker, and Dr. Lisa Airan, who all sat in the front row, need to be able to imagine themselves wearing the clothes out into the big, beautiful world." these garments make that big, beautiful world apparent and ever-present.

now i'll just be wishing for spring again and making sure to use the mulleavy sisters (the designers of rodarte) as guides for texturized, raw, and gorgeous layering/outfit creations.


stay tuned for more ny fashion week show appreciations and analyses because my new apartment is almost fully packed away and set up!

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I'm glad I found this blog. I am currently reading one of your favourite books, master and margarita and liking it! Did you enjoy it?