Sunday, January 11, 2009

new year, follow-up, and too little time....until now.


happy new year [though it is now ten days in].
still quite new and there is so much more to feel and figure out.

this holiday season has been a whirlwind and it is nice to get back up here [still bitterly cold] to my little hovel/nest with the boy and just put up my feet.

this new year brings with it a new challenge:

figure out where to go next.
-i have now finished my final class at boston university and so i guess its onwards from here!

i must apologize for not having written any posts since is so very slack and not in my personality to put anything aside. however, this will soon change as schoolwork is no longer a part of my daily life, nor is having two jobs as one ended with my academic career. therefore, i will be focusing SO very much more on this blog, sewing, music research, making plans for the coming months, and perhaps even trying to organize a showing of a film...

hope all has been fantastic for everyone.

take care cool kids.

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