Tuesday, November 18, 2008

come on over then.

my ears and eyes are ready.

i have recently heard quite a bit about the film Berlin Calling and it has succeeded in catching my attention. the film synopsis from what i gather seems to be the [somewhat typical] story of the culture and rituals that surround the electronic music and dj populations -as well as the outcomes and consequences that this music and style of shows generates. Yet, there seems to be a distinct difference in this hannes stöhr film from other such films about the electronic music genre, which if compared to movies made about other music genres (ie, rock, "motown," country) has quite a varied repertoire. The difference it seems to me is in the music which seems (from a person who has NOT viewed the film) interwoven and mixed with the whimsical and yet imaginably realistic plot stöhr creates. paul kalkbrenner, a BPitch Control records berlin-based dj (imagine that) plays the main character, dj ickarus (imaginative moniker, no?), as well as the main musical synthesis for the film. how cool. as it stands, the film seems that it can be characterized as part film, part biopic, part documentary, part ethnographic study (into subculture), part live set, part soundtrack, and part party. i hope that it can stand up to all of these AMAZING labels.

berlin calling had its north american debut in canada a few months ago and i CLAMOR for it to be brought to boston. there are enough independent theatres here that i'm sure would be willing to screen it. let's bring this film to boston. please?

you can see the trailer

or go check out their website.

also...can anyone tell me where to find a disco ball bouncy ball? must. have.

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