Wednesday, June 3, 2009

purgatorio to paradiso.

it is currently 27.2 degrees celsius. down from a balmy 34.4 earlier today.

for those of us/you in my part of the world (being one of the only that doesn't employ celsius that's 81 and 94 respectively...). do excuse me, i'm just trying to become accustomed and teach myself to use the system.

ah yes. the arrival in south carolina has been, done, and happened. after a daunting/challenging/tiresome 18 hour drive from cambridge, massachusetts to columbia, south carolina. unpacking vehicles has been completed and bruises counted.

here for a mere 30 (or is almost 29!?) jours with un/packing and cleaning and mending and recharging and party planning and catching up to do -i hope those 30 go flying.

vacations are a lovely thing. though i won't be working for those 30, there will be much to do and see before the end of it all. therefore, purgatorio. and then... perhaps paradiso will come along as well.

any reading suggestions?

***disclaimer*** no more fun and frolicsome techno adventures for atleast a month. bear with me.

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zombie yuppie said...

I will live vicariously through your marvelous weather and you will live vicariously through my techno adventures!