Saturday, June 6, 2009

thank you for all you have left undone.

if you haven't guessed it. yes, i am referring to tetris. the above picture, created two years ago for the release of tetris evolution, shows colored crates depicting a typical tetris set-up.

as the game is turning 25 today -older than i- i thought i would show it a little love. one of those ridiculous things that i must admit from time to time is that tetris has captivated me for so many hours of life. it was my regular nintendo gameboy game of choice. easy, logical, fun. plus, the fast levels get so fast! once i got to college and found lots of down time, i rediscovered my love for tetris and would play various online versions for a quick fix away from studying and social-izing.

satisfying? quite.

now that my beloved friend and fellow procrastinator is turning 25, i can only hope to rekindle our friendship via my new and improved nintendo ds. behold!

on to more hours of waste and brain strain? perhaps. perhaps indeed.

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