Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have finally finished my third year at Boston University. I had my third final today in LF 455: the Nineteenth Century French Novel. It FEELS fantastic. I took a nice little bike ride to celebrate being finished. It is the official first night of summer tonight!

It's always nice to have a feeling of completion -an end to a fantastic year. However, the things I always look forward to are the free time for the people I care about and the projects I have put off because of the daily grind and the work demands for classes. But the thing I really look forward to the most about summer: reading the books I really want to. I already have the first three set up and I CANNOT wait. They are:

These have been on my waiting list to read for a long time and I will begin Deutschland tomorrow.

Additionally, I get to have my first "official" training day at my new job tomorrow. I am now employed at a shoe boutique on Newbury for a Spanish shoe company called Camper. I'm pretty excited about it. The company is really cool, I know I will have fun, and I really love the shoes (which is cool because I get free pairs like these!).

Anyways, I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend as I now am. Don't forget to call your mothers tomorrow since its their day and all. Time to celebrate the commencement of summer.

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