Monday, June 15, 2009

rainy season.

home is a fun place. home is a bittersweet place. home is always still home.

as i haven't had an overwhelming amount of personal time here, i have been trying to think up ways to amuse and challenge myself whence that time works its way in to my agenda.

all of this thinking and not so much action on it makes restlessness even more apparent. when meeting with a friend to work out ideas, we make exciting plans for doing. however, if south carolina hasn't taught me once, it hasn't taught me my entire life. this place is notorious for amazingly ever-present rainstorms during the summertime. not only summertime rainstorms, but also thunder and lightning and everything nice. these downpours are the perfect remedy for the humidity and 32+ degrees C (still working on the conversions, so: 90+ F) heat that wafts through the very thick air.

yes perhaps its just rain, but pouring aside, electricity becomes shoddy and then it becomes too late for bike rides, or people scouting, or combing the city to reach goals.

therefore, plans aren't really anything realistic until the weather can actually cooperate. but, hopefully i'll have something to report on the creative front when my plans can actually be carried out.

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