Tuesday, June 16, 2009

things really are different.

growing up in a small-ish southern city and opting to move to a bigger more northern city for university learning and beyond has truly tricked me.

i guess i never really noticed how different two places can be when living in both has become like home for me.
yes, i think the south will always really be my home, but can we have more than one home? and i am not referring to those lucky enought to OWN more than one home/house/condo/apartment/villa....

yes, i am also acutely aware of the glaringly real differences in geography, climate, and urban density of my two "homes." but i think having those comfortable feelings has really skewed my
perceptions of these locales.

and only now that i have found this comfort am i noticing the difference between my homes.

you guessed it, miley cyrus is the difference...essentially. what i have noticed is that there is stress put on such various things in everyday life, in the "buzz" people talk about, and even local news.

since 3rd june [one of my first days back here in sc,] when the story was originally reported that miley cyrus was to perform here, i have heard of, been made aware of, or noticed whilst perusing the local paper atleast one mention of the performer per DAY. its like its some medium/huge news story that just keeps getting updated. without fail.

take one of my favorite headlines from this weekend::: "Tickets go on sale for Miley Cyrus." is it me or is that a necessary piece of news? perhaps this performer is getting so much press here as compared with my northerly digs because her concert will take place on one of THE biggest events of the fall down in this neck of the woods, the usc-clemson football game (for those of you who aren't from sc, thats the university of south carolina, not southern california...it came first, honestly). perhaps, it is because there just isn't as much news in south carolina where the city is smaller and less culturally "urbanized." nevertheless, thanks to miley cyrus, i've really started noticing the less than subtle differences between my homes again. geographically and otherwise.

oh, and i don't even want to get started on the fact that a sixteen year old teen-pop-disney-sensation has enough life stories and wisdom to be able to sell autobiographies.

have a lovely week.

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