Tuesday, September 21, 2010

better late than never.

do you sometimes think things may come too late?  

occasionally, i throw myself into focusing on something so wholeheartedly that i tend to be disappointed when a task doesn't come to fruition.  

oftentimes, this ending is left dangling but nearly despondently forgotten; like endless searches on travel websites for airfare to various destinations that will never be purchased, only searched in a rabid frenzy.  sometimes -just sometimes- these whimsies and desires come to realization [like a future nomadic venture with said airline tickets in the coming months] with my own help.  other times its like they are resuscitated randomly in an attainable and realistic way.  not to throw you off the scent, but one of these whimsies has in fact resurfaced much to my delight:::

a swimsuit of neoprene goodness has found a way in to my possession.  finally, after ogling this alexandra cassaniti delight [at left] on the creatures of comfort webspace [thank my stars they're finally in nyc!] for the better part of a year i've gotten a new suit!

i have been desiring neoprene-y items to play with/hack up/don/pair with since setting off the for the great island of australia -that neoprene and surf paradise.  last year a friend lent me a delightful rarely used 80s wet suit for surfing lessons that involved me splashing around and realizing that arm muscles might be a good thing to have.  

more importantly::: the wet suit was a fantastic neon green/black combination with blue on the inside [for only me to see] and it really got me thinking about how great it would be to scour the charity shops [thrift stores] for old school wetsuits to scrub/cut up and play with in my wardrobe.  

though i never had a chance to make the serious effort to scour the charity shops of perth, the idea hasn't left that far off corner of my mind.  so, to my delight this beaut of a swimwear find literally landed on my radar without any search at all thanks to my local target and a $20 bill in my wallet.

the swimsuits at my local target are generally of the novelty 'wild animal colors with neon flowers, cherries and bedazzlements' nature so much to my surprise, this delightful throwback to my aussie fun-in-the-sun times is a welcome addition to seriously lacking swimwear category of the wardrobe.  the tag has an attachment that mentions something along the lines of '2011 swim preview.'  no clue what that refers to...but am glad they've decided to let me purchase it now just in time for the end of summer and my last possible jaunt to the beach before autumn begins...

however, i foresee this new short corset-like swim top coming in handy for future layering far into the winter.  wetsuits are meant to keep you warm, no?

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