Saturday, September 25, 2010

just hang in there.

this is a bit personal.

though watching sports on television is not normally an ideal activity for me.  i make a few exceptions to this general rule in the form of a bit of soccer, tennis, and of course my new favorite, australian rules football.  

as enjoyable as our own 'gridiron' football might be to some [not i], it cannot compare to the fast-paced version that australians have been practicing since the mid-19th century.  its fast, its fun, and they don't wear pads.  in addition, the uniforms that the players sport are absolutely beyond compare in professional athletic competitions.  

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my confessional admirations aside, the point i actually want to bring up is the year of indecision australia seems to be having.  what with flip-flopping ideas about mining taxes, immigration regulation, and major political party leaders [both the labour and liberal parties ousted their majority leaders in the past 10 months], things seem to be indecisive at times in australia.  

now with two of the major events on the calendar for this country also up in the air, 2010 has become a year for growing pains.  the elections in august resulted in the first hung parliament in australia since 1940 and now, today, the australian 'footy' grand final resulting in a tie [one of three in all 112 years of finals]...what else to be stalled, oz?!  the results of this game are curious for a premier competition in sports due to the afl rule that a tie outcome in the grand final be resolved by playing a second full grand final match a week later.

alls i can say is...good thing i didn't stay up to watch this game online with all its dubiety, but instead waited to watch the replay this afternoon.  next week perhaps these two teams with end this indecision and truly have a grand final.

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