Saturday, September 25, 2010

the color of perfection.

for the most part, original silhouettes and architectural details are normally the aspects in garments which impress upon me the most.  it is their ability to make the garment show its worth that i believe  i enjoy noticing.  rather than a person wearing a garment, the garment wears the wearer.  structural garments realize this idea without gaudy overkill -just a strong statement and vision in clothing form.

for most of the spring/summer '11 fashion week shows that i have been busily clicking through, new york fashion week especially, my personal tastes have been duly pleased with these structural/form details coming out in most of the collections.  seems to me i'll be gaining an entirely new wardrobe come next spring [depending on which hemisphere i'm in...]

then, along comes the epitome of 'minimalism' as the media dubs it, jil sander, and i get completely blown away by the utter wearability of every single look sent down the runway.  i'd say lush is actually the name of the game for this s/s collection.  sorry, nyfw, how plausible is it to wear leather in the spring or summer -even in new york?!?  i can just visualize how very chic and uncomfortable i would be donning leather separates whilst waiting on a subway platform come july 2011 [sorry richard chai/zero+maria cornejo/cushnie et ochs -i adore the collections, i do!].

in all seriousness, the jil sander s/s '11 collections speaks for itself with amazing mixed stripes, lush and long hemlines, flowing silks, that orange of the season, and -most strikingly to me- some floral patterns i could actually see myself wearing [i have a hard time enjoying the general run-of-the-mill floral and i haven't found much i would be happy to include in my wardrobe].  

on to the photos!

that orange

the florals that have turned me, perhaps all i require is the pop of acid-y color 

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Unknown said...

I myself am a big fan of "that" orange of the season. :-) So bright and bold!